Glass House Marketing. A creative agency in Brighton & Hove working with small startups to not so small companies.
Two of Glass House Marketing's team sat drinking cups of coffee while discussing design and marketing.

We're a small team with a lot to offer. We have plenty of connections if we need more hands on deck for bigger creative projects but keeping things small a personal seems to work best for us and the clients right now.

It important to us that our work isn't just about looking pretty, it needs to function and have a purpose. When it comes to fusing design with strategic marketing that's were we believe to excel. Ensuring brands don't just join the conversation but lead it.

From branding, mesmerising video editing and responsive web design to compelling content creation, our bespoke design services are tailored to the unique needs of small to medium-sized businesses aiming for growth.

All this woven together with the power of strategy. The golden thread that weaves through our projects, ensuring not just creativity, but results.

So far on our short journey as Glass House Marketing, we've worked a lot in the sports and music industries. It's no secret how this has happened, we love sports and music and have experience in those industries. However, we have worked with lots of other industries and B2B companies on different marketing and creative project. If we're a good fit, we want to work with you. There's only one way to find out, get in touch.

The team

Creative Director
Marketing Director


Buffy - Purformance Director.
Purformance Director
Winnie - Barketing Director. Playing with her ball on Hove beach.
Barketing Director

want to work with us?

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