Smart Alarms: A Modern Facelift for a Trusted Security Brand

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Branding, Website Design & Development


Smart Alarms


Smart Alarms is an established security company that prides themselves on offering a quality service for commercial and domestic customers. They wanted to make sure that they got this message across to its customers while also modernising their branding.


The culmination of our efforts resulted in a complete revitalisation of Smart Alarms' brand. A new logo and branding positioned them as the epitome of professionalism and modernity.

While an SEO optimised website that focused on the user experience makes sure they are able to off their customer the same great experience then have with them offline, online.


The project helped to position Smart Alarm as the professional, modern and established brand that they are. It also made things clearer for their customers in terms of what Smart Alarms offered and also how to find it on their website.

Also, an unexpected impact reported from the Smart Alarms team is that their employees loved the new branding, leaving them feeling excited and proud to be apart of the company.

How It Started

Despite their solid reputation, Smart Alarms recognised the evolving landscape of the security industry and sought to stay ahead of their competition and modernise their branding.

As a company deeply rooted in Yorkshire, the client aspired for a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to their online presence and branding. Something we were more than happy to aim for.

The new logo for Smart Alarms on a dark and light background. Examples of business cards and bell boxes with the Smart Alarms branding on them.

The mission was clear - to bring their branding into 2024 and create a website that distinctly communicated their commitment to security, whether for commercial or home needs.

Recognising the critical role of branding and a user-friendly website in establishing trust and credibility, Smart Alarms aimed to redefine their image and ensure that customers could effortlessly navigate their services, enhancing overall user experience.

The Call
Mockup of van design created by Glass House Marketing for Smart Alarms.
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For the logo, we curated typefaces, presenting variations that captured the essence of professionalism and trust. The chosen design, after a collaborative revision process, perfectly encapsulated Smart Alarms' desired image.

Moving on to the website, our process involved creating stylescapes, providing Smart Alarms the opportunity to influence the design direction. Once approved, we utilised Webflow for the development, ensuring a seamlessly functional website with professional animations for added visual appeal.

Additionally, the creation of marketing materials, including a van wrap, business cards, and letterheads, added a tangible touch to the new Smart Alarms brand.

The Process
Wireframes showing the process of creating the new Smart Alarms website with some finished examples next to it on desktop and mobile.

A new logo and branding positioned them as the epitome of professionalism and modernity in the security industry.

The website, crafted with SEO optimisation in mind, streamlined the user experience, enabling customers to quickly find what they needed with just a few clicks.

The van wrap and other marketing materials further reinforced the cohesive, updated brand image, making Smart Alarms stand out in the competitive security industry.

The Outcome

The impact of our collaboration was transformative for Smart Alarms. Not only did they achieve a contemporary and established brand identity, but the clarity brought to their services on the website significantly improved customer understanding. The simplified navigation and straightforward design enhanced user engagement, helping Smart Alarms better serve their diverse clientele.

The project played a pivotal role in reinforcing their position as a trusted, modern security provider, resonating positively with both existing and potential customers. Through our partnership, Smart Alarms successfully embraced a new era, marked by a refreshed brand and enhanced online accessibility.

The Impact
Picture of the Smart Alarms building with the new branding created by Glass House Marketing.
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