Rhythms in Motion: How Yakul's EP Cover Came to Life

Animation, Content Creation

Artwork for the Yakul music band.



Animation, Content Creation




Yakul set out to elevate the promotion of their new EP by transforming its cover into an animated masterpiece. Their goal was to intertwine their distinctive sound with the visual realm, leveraging this synergy to captivate their existing audience and attract new followers on social media platforms.


In partnership, Glass House Marketing and Yakul developed an animated video that brought the EP's original artwork by Dohee Kwon to life in harmony with the band's future soul sound. This bespoke animation, crafted for social media engagement, was designed to draw viewers into Yakul's unique musical world through visual storytelling.


The animated cover video markedly boosted Yakul's online engagement, achieving a 6% increase in interactions on Instagram. This surge not only highlighted the project's success in enhancing the band's digital visibility but also emphasised the powerful connection between music and visual art. The initiative not only fulfilled its promotional objectives but also broadened Yakul's artistic horizons, representing a noteworthy accomplishment in their artistic journey and the wider creative community.


Brighton-based Yakul, with their innovative blend of jazz, R&B, and future soul, has not only captured the attention of the UK's music scene but has also built a reputation for their captivating live performances. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their craft demanded a unique approach to promoting their latest EP—an approach that needed to visually encapsulate their sonic identity.

Yakul band members sat on a sofa.

The challenge was set: animate their new EP cover art to not just announce its release but to do so in a way that resonated with their existing fan base while also attracting new listeners. Yakul sought a partner who could translate their auditory experience into a visual masterpiece.

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Yakul EP cover artwork
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The end product was a captivating animated video, optimised for social media, that visually danced to the rhythm of Yakul's music. This animation wasn't just a promotional tool; it was an extension of the band's artistic expression, offering fans and newcomers alike a glimpse into the soul of Yakul's EP.

The Outcome

The animated cover was a hit, significantly boosting engagement on Yakul's Instagram by over 6%, proving the power of visual storytelling when paired with music. The success of this project reinforced Glass House Marketing's ability to blend creativity with strategy, helping Yakul's EP to resonate deeply with their audience.

The Impact
Images of three smart phones displaying Yakul's instagram page with the animated post created by Glass House Marketing highlighted and showing a huge amount of engagement from their fan base.
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